Welcome to Germany​-New Mexico

SPECIAL NOTICE - Applying for a passport in Germany

Sometimes its easier to apply for a new German passport in Germany. Here are some tips for doing so...German citizens can apply for a new German passport at any passport office in Germany. If they are not residents at the place where they apply, there will be an additional fee (Unzuständigkeitsgebühr) and it may take a few days longer to receive the passport than usual since they will need to contact the passport office or German mission where the applicant has his place of residence for approval. The required documents may differ somewhat from the documents that the German Consulates request (see www.germany.info/passport). Therefore it is recommended that German citizens contact the passport office in Germany before their travel (or check their website). In addition to passport, birth certificate, etc. applicants will definitely also need to show their U.S. visa or Green Card and possibly additional documents.

SPECIAL NOTICE - Transporting Pets to Germany

The European Union has specific requirements for transporting house pets to Germany and for the vaccinations and micro-chipping of animals. Before you get your pets vaccinated, please read go to the "What's New" section of this website and click on the red button that talks about the new regulations for the transport and transit of house pets to and through Germany.

Photos from the recent visit of German Ambassador to the U.S., Peter Wittig, April 2017

                 Celebrating the relationship